Frequently asked questions.

SuperCOLD is an AI-powered platform that enables hyper-personalized cold outbound campaigns. It uses a powerful AI, equipped with GPT-4 technology, to personalize each outreach for maximum impact.

You can begin using SuperCOLD by uploading your contact list or searching their database. The setup process is quick, taking about 60 seconds, and no initial payment is required.

SuperCOLD offers several innovative features, including LinkedIn profile scraping for personalized outreach, high deliverability of emails to avoid spam filters, seamless integration with existing email platforms and WhatsApp, and multichannel support for both email and WhatsApp campaigns.

Yes, SuperCOLD offers a seven-day free trial that allows you to experience its AI-driven outreach capabilities without any strings attached

Generate high quality,
meetings at scale.

Let SuperCold's powerful AI personalize each outreach for maximum impact.

  • No payment required
  • Set up in 60 seconds
  • GPT-4 powered
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